November 12, 2012

Lakers Hire D'Antoni

The Lakers have fired Mike Brown, then after a dalliance with Phil Jackson, hired Mike D'Antoni. What do you think of the hire? Let us know.


  1. Definitely the second option here compared to Phil. D'Antoni is proven...ish... as someone who can get his team to play well offensively, but has really not shown anything on the other end. And I don't just say that because that is his rep. As a lifetime Knicks fan and someone who was enamored with his old Suns team, they guy just really doesn't get guys to perform on the defensive end. Maybe it was his talent, but I think it's him.

    If the Lakers get the luxury of a healthy Dwight Howard, this may quickly become a non-issue, as he can cover up defensive shortcomings of about three teammates at a time. Kobe loves D'Antoni, and hopefully that won't change now that D'antoni is actually coaching him for the first time (not counting Team USA la la land).

    In the end, Lakeshow becomes watchable (unlike last week), but either way, we will not be able to tell until mid season if they are for real.

  2. If the Lakers were 10 years younger (aside from Dwight) then it would have worked. But now... I just wish they would have given Phil a chance to respond to the job offer. I think he deserves that much as a 11 time championship coach, 5 for the Lakers.

  3. I think this is a horrendous signing for the Lakers. As a Celtics fan, I love it. D'Antoni is going to give Steve Nash the keys to this offense, as he has before, and they will be a deep playoff team. I firmly believe this team's success hinges entirely on Kobe's attitude, and mental strength in the playoffs. If Kobe wants to take this team all the way, he can. But here a team with some defensive woes just hired the least defensive minded coach the NBA has ever seen. What has D'Antoni ever done? He's been given talent in Phoenix and NY and did nothing with it. It's good that Kobe "likes" D'Antoni, but we'll see how long that lasts.

    At best, D'Antoni gets some inspired play out of this cast of old studs, but prove to be unfit to handle the Thunder in the Western Conference Finals.


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